A pool enclosure is required to keep the pool inaccessible for children and the elderly, but they also have some other benefits. They add to the aesthetic of your pool and outdoor area and can even keep some wild animals away. However, there are some extra considerations to take with ClearView enclosures and wildlife. Continue reading for a safety guide for wild animals and ClearView enclosures.

Keep Wildlife Safe

One important thing to note with pool enclosures, both the average ones and ClearView enclosures, is that they keep wildlife safe. Without an enclosure, it is incredibly easy for animals to stumble into your pool and harm themselves or your pool. Some animals that would potentially come into your pool are:

  • Black bears
  • Snakes
  • Turtles
  • Alligators
  • Squirrels
  • Raccoons

Any of these animals coming into your backyard can be bad news, but with a pool screen enclosure, you are protecting them and your pool.

Potential Dangers

While these screen enclosures are great for keeping animals out of your pool and patio, they are sometimes tricky. A ClearView screen enclosure eliminates many obstructions that get in the way of your view, but this also means there are fewer obstructions between a wild animal and yourself. Depending on the visibility, there may be nothing between you and the animal trying to enter your yard except the screen.

Because the screen is clear, all they may see is your pool, your pets, and you. Depending on the animal, this may not be a big issue. For example, if a squirrel tried to get in, it wouldn’t be an issue, but if an alligator or bear is nearby, you may encounter some trouble. If you’re inside and notice one of these animals, consider calling animal control before they find a way into your pool. In addition, before reaching this point, consider putting up a fence around your home and enclosure, especially if you’re in an area conducive to this wildlife.

The Dreaded Insects

Another important aspect of wildlife you can’t forget about is the insects. ClearView screens can do wonders for preventing insects and other animals from entering your pool and home, but that doesn’t mean you can give up on pest control. Some insects can still make their way into your pool area, and if you’re not properly combatting them, you will encounter some issues. A ClearView screen will give you an unforgettable view from your backyard, but if you’re not actively taking some pest control measures, your view will be obstructed by pesky insects.

Our ClearView enclosures look great, but it’s still important you know how they work and how they affect the wildlife in the area. This safety guide for wild animals and ClearView enclosures will ensure you keep your screen and the wild animals in the area safe. If you’re still in the market for a screen, look no further than CRA. We have the ClearView screens you want and can help install them in no time!

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