When You Should Replace Your Pool Screen

When You Should Replace Your Pool Screen

You have enjoyed your beautiful enclosed pool, but you are unsure when the protective screen needs to be redone. Here are some tips for showing when you should replace your pool screen.

Damage To the Screen

The obvious first reason is damage to the screen itself. Over time, the screen can develop holes and begin to sag. These damages can allow unwanted pests into your pool and make time in the water less enjoyable. They can also be an eyesore if left to worsen. When you start noticing these issues, it is probably time to replace your pool screen.

Worn Support Structure

A worn support structure can mean rusted beams, sagging screens, or algae growth. Rusting beams are an eyesore and can become unstable if left to decay for too long. Sagging screens can leave gaping holes, essentially rendering your pool protection useless. Algae growth on any part of your screen or structure poses a health hazard to those who use the pool. Since algae and these other issues can be hard to completely eliminate, it is better to invest in a screen replacement rather than continuous smaller repairs.

Changing Needs

Another reason why you would want to replace your pool screen is changing needs. If you have a new pet or a young child, chances are they have run into your screen or caused some other form of damage to it. Especially with certain types of pets, they may seek to dig or scratch their way through your screen, causing further harm. Another changing need is if you are looking to upgrade or sell your home or property. Replacing your pool screen makes your home look much nicer and adds more value to your property.

These tips for when you should replace your pool screen can help you decide what is best for your needs. If you are looking for pool cage repair, Sarasota and the Gulf Coast of Florida sport many of our pool screen renovations. Contact a member of our team here at Commercial Residential Aluminum—or CRA—for more information today!

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