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Channel Lock

After several years of further refinements and nine U.S. patents, our ChannelLock SMB (FL#19700) is revolutionizing the Aluminum industry. Stronger by design…

SMB advantages

channel lock

There is no mistaking CRA’s Channel Lock SMB. It’s easy to see in this side-by-side comparison the superiority in the design of Channel Lock SMB compared to the industry standard beam. The industry standard SMB (lap beam) utilizes theorized engineering to validate the construction when used for aluminum enclosures. 

SMB compared

During third-party testing, a critical failure point was exposed with the industry standard SMB. CRA’s Channel Lock design addresses these failure points and provides a superior design that has been tested and approved to be 40% stronger than industry standard beams. The safety of your family and your investment should not be a guess, it should be guaranteed. 

SMB failed 

Florida Product Approval


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is a designation given to materials certified by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. It means that ALL material is tested and certified by an independent testing facility, and validated annually by an independent third party quality assurance entity for conformance to alloy composition, hardness, paint adhesion and paint thickness standards. In fact, this is the only beam currently approved with the Florida Product Approval seal.

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