Unveiling the Essence of CRA: People, Products, and Processes

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In the world of aluminum companies, standing out requires more than just quality products—it demands a commitment to people, innovation, and seamless processes. In this blog post, we delve into the core elements that set Commercial Residential Aluminum apart from the competition: People, Products, and Processes.


At the heart of CRA lies a community of dedicated individuals, with over 200 families contributing to the company’s success. What sets CRA apart is its local roots and the leadership of its founding owner, who resides in Sarasota County. With branches in Venice, Tampa, and Fort Myers, CRA is deeply embedded in the fabric of the Gulf Coast community.

The company takes pride in being locally owned and operated, with over 100 vehicles on the road, ensuring efficient service to the entire Gulf Coast of Florida. This commitment to the local community forms the foundation of CRA’s identity.


CRA distinguishes itself through a commitment to innovation that surpasses industry benchmarks. The company has pioneered groundbreaking products, such as the Channel Lock Self-Mating Beam, which has earned nine US patents. The state-of-the-art scenic view system further demonstrates CRA’s dedication to cutting-edge solutions.

With Florida product approval on their beam, CRA guarantees customers the comfort and safety of knowing they have the best products on the market. This emphasis on product excellence positions CRA as a leader in the aluminum industry.


The glue that holds CRA together is its meticulous and efficient processes. From providing free estimates to meeting with a hands-on sales team and receiving support from customer service liaisons, every step in the CRA journey is characterized by professionalism and expertise.

CRA’s ability to install between 80 to 100 pages per week is a testament to the effectiveness of its people and processes. Not only does the company maintain this impressive installation rate, but it also has the capacity for even more. Whether you’re a condo association, property manager, home builder, pool contractor, or homeowner, CRA has tailored solutions to meet your needs.

In essence, CRA’s success lies in the synergy of its people, products, and processes. This commitment to excellence, innovation, and community engagement is what defines the “CRA Way.” For anyone seeking top-notch aluminum solutions on the Gulf Coast of Florida, choosing CRA means choosing quality, reliability, and a company deeply rooted in its local community.

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