A pool cage or screen is an awesome thing to have that protects your pool and outdoor area. However, if you have a screen, you know how easily severe weather can damage it. Thankfully, rescreening is a simple option to get your pool enjoyment back on track. Read on to learn some things to know before getting your pool enclosure rescreened.

You Can Change the Screen

When many homeowners get their enclosure rescreened, they think they can’t choose anything different from what they currently own. They think they’ve only signed up to have one screen type, but you can get a new type of screen installed during this rescreening process. For example, if you hate tiny bugs invading your backyard living space, consider getting a No See Um weave in your fiberglass or polyester screen.

These tiny bugs are so bothersome that they’ve kept many families from spending time outdoors because they don’t want to have the bugs annoy them. A No See Um screen will eliminate this problem because the mesh is too small for the bugs to get through. This is just one of the different types of screens you can have installed.

You Should Get Other Parts Replaced

Another critical consideration when rescreening your enclosure is whether you want to replace other parts of the enclosure. Large screens form your enclosure, but you also have support elements holding the entire cage together, and those fastener screws can rust quickly. Look into getting some new fasteners installed during the rescreening process. Some fasteners can remain rust-resistant for extended periods and better keep the enclosure together for longer. Replacing fasteners outside of a rescreening can cost a lot of time and money, so you should consider getting it done simultaneously.

You Must Work With Professionals

An additional consideration you must make when investing in rescreening is that you must work with professionals. Rescreening a pool enclosure is not easy, as the workers will climb on tall ladders and work around obstacles above hard concrete. To perform rescreenings, a company must have valid licensing and insurance. Otherwise, you can end up on the wrong side of a lawsuit if something goes awry. When you work with professionals, they are accountable, and you can bet that you’ll end up with a proper pool screen that survives even the harshest weather.

Now that you know what to expect when you get your pool enclosure rescreened, you can better prepare yourself and ensure you end up with the right screen. It’s a tricky process, but what’s even more challenging is finding the right people to do the rescreening. You don’t have to worry anymore, as CRA has you covered. We can do your pool enclosure rescreening quickly, with your satisfaction guaranteed. Contact us today!

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