Pool enclosures are necessary to protect your pool and outdoor areas in many states, but not all of them are very fun to have around. For many homeowners, the enclosures are big, obtrusive, and take away from their beautiful view. Thankfully, enclosure options like the panoramic pool enclosure get around this. Read on to learn more about the benefits of choosing a panoramic pool enclosure.

Unobstructed View

The view is a panoramic pool enclosure’s first and most obvious benefit. You live in a beautiful area, and you love to watch the sunset or just see nature existing behind your home, but a pool enclosure will get in the way, compromising the view. Typical pool enclosures have vertical and horizontal aluminum frames every few feet, but a panoramic pool enclosure removes as much of these as possible. By getting the panoramic version, you can protect your pool while having an unhampered view of the terrific scenery you can find just outside your yard.

More Light

Another benefit of the panoramic pool enclosure is that you can get much more light. Without the other aluminum frames, you have more natural light entering and illuminating your space. This light is terrific for making your space feel fuller and more comfortable. Moreover, while more light comes in, that doesn’t necessarily mean it gets hotter. The shaded enclosures will still filter the light and keep the heat out.

Still Meeting Safety Requirements

Because of the numerous benefits of the light and view, you may think these panoramic pool enclosures are less safe. While much of the aluminum frame is gone, this pool enclosure doesn’t compromise safety. These cages still meet all hurricane standards and effectively keep out debris and outside disturbances like animals. The beams in a panoramic enclosure are larger and more robust, so while there are fewer beams, the enclosure is just as sturdy as its counterparts.

The benefits of choosing a panoramic pool enclosure are clear to see, and you should invest in one as soon as possible. However, with that said, you need to find the right supplier that can supply you with a quality screen and install it. At CRA, we can find the perfect panoramic screen and invisible screen mesh that you’ll need to protect your pool while still maintaining the terrific view you have.

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