The ABC’s of Seamless Gutters

Once upon a time, I lived in a fantasy world where gutter was invisible.  It wasn’t seen and it wasn’t heard.  The fascination factor just didn’t exist.  I mean, really, it’s gutter.  I’ve already typed more words than I ever thought about it!

Then I married a partner of Commercial Residential Aluminum, and I started to become vaguely conscious of these aluminum water catchers.  This was one of many products his company offered, so I stifled my yawns at the topic for his benefit.  If gutter was important to him, then of course, it was important to me!

Recently I started doing a little consulting for Commercial Residential Aluminum, and my gutter vernacular began to expand.  House Gutter, Seamless Gutter, Super Gutter.  What does it all mean?  Why should I care?

And FINALLY, the light bulb flashed brightly!  Gutter truly came to life for me!   I became enamored with the fact that the right gutter system protects against uncontrolled water damage, one of Florida living’s only pitfalls.  I became obsessed with the fact that I could actually avoid ground area washouts and erosion with this clever invention.  And let’s face it, I am a vain creature and always protect my hair AT ALL COSTS!

This is the first of a two part series about gutter-the next part will include some technical terms, but don’t be frightened.  It is my goal to educate you so that if you are considering installing or replacing your gutter, you make the choice that is right for your most important investment.

The bottom line is that the right gutter system protects against uncontrolled water damage, ground area washouts and erosion, and annoying water run-off in doorways and garage openings.  The wrong choice can lead to water damage, rotting wood, termites, mold, excessive debris accumulation, and can be an unattractive addition to your home.

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