Steps to Prepare Your Pool for the Summer

Steps to Prepare Your Pool for the Summer

With the long winter coming to a close and spring creeping around the corner here in Florida, there’s no time like the present to start preparing your home for the hot summer to come. Unless your pool is heated, you probably haven’t used it in a few months, and you’ll need to complete a few tasks before summer hits to make sure your pool is ready for the increased use. Check out these steps to prepare your pool for the summer.

Get it clean

Cleaning your pool is an essential first step to preparing it for the usage it will endure this summer. To make sure you can clean your pool properly, inspect your skimmer, vacuum, brushes, and any other cleaning tools first. Make sure none of them are damaged or otherwise ineffective. Once your cleaning items are ready, you can get started cleaning your pool. Vacuum and skim the pool first, and then thoroughly clean the pool filters before turning them on for the season. Keep these on and regularly check them throughout the summer.

Test the water

Before using your pool, test the water. The alkalinity, pH, chlorine levels, and mineral content should all be at the proper levels before you deem the pool safe to use. You should also check your pool’s water levels. If you didn’t properly maintain it during the winter months, your pool’s water levels may have dropped since the last time you used the pool. Add more water until the pool is full again.

Maintain a proper maintenance schedule

Once you’ve prepped your pool for the summer, make sure to keep it up and running all season long. Make a schedule for regular maintenance, and stick to it. Test the waters periodically, and watch for any dropping water levels so that you can promptly address and fix any issues. You should also keep to a strict cleaning schedule to ensure debris doesn’t get out of hand.

Fix up surrounding areas

Part of preparing a pool for the summer in Florida includes preparing the outdoor space surrounding it. If you have a deck or other hardscaped area near your pool, check it for cracks or other potential hazards to bare feet. If you have a pool cage, check it for any tears or other defects that may have occurred during the colder months. If you find any issues, call CRA for pool cage repair in Sarasota and the surrounding areas.

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