Signs You Need a New Pool Cage

Signs You Need a New Pool Cage

Pool cages are great additions to any home—especially in Florida, where they really make a house stand out. They keep pools clean, keep outdoor spaces cozy, and improve your entire outdoor space’s usability. Whether you’re new to the pool cage lifestyle or you’ve had yours for so long you don’t remember putting it in, it’s important to know the signs you need a new pool cage. Here are some common ways to tell it’s time to replace your pool cage.

It’s damaged

If you have a glass pool cage and it has cracks or scratches, it may be time to replace the panels. Whether flying debris from a storm hit your cage or rambunctious kids were playing a little too rough near the edge, your pool cage may suffer the consequences.

The screen isn’t how it used to be

Screens don’t last forever. They may tear during regular usage over time, or maybe a pet or wild animal decided to use yours as its personal chew toy. Screen rips and tears happen, and they can often be repaired easily. For larger issues, such as an older screen that’s starting to bevel or sag, you may need an entirely new screen. For these larger repairs, consider a totally new cage—you can even switch up the style.

It feels outdated

Whether you recently remodeled your home, or you simply decided it was time for an update, replacing your pool cage with a new enclosure is a great way to add curb appeal. You could get a ScenicView enclosure and really step your home up. They increase the effectiveness of your views and accentuate your pool’s look.

You want a new one

You don’t need any reason other than simply wanting a new pool cage to get one. Even if your current one is in pristine condition, if you want a change, you should get one. If you like your pool cage, you’ll spend more time using it, making it well worth the investment.

Bugs are getting into your pool

If bugs are biting you while you’re enjoying a dip in your pool, your pool cage is not doing its job properly. Keep those pesky bugs out and protect your family from mosquitos and other insects. A new pool cage can keep bugs out, cutting down on bites and pool cleaning. Without bugs and dirt flying in from the outside, your pool will stay cleaner, longer.

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