LED Pool & Lanai Cage Lighting

Completely transform your pool or patio enclosure with the push of a button!

Light up your nights!

CRA is proud to introduce Shadow Caster LED Lighting Systems for pool and patio enclosures.

Now you can create an amazing show of colorful lights throughout your pool or lanai cage or just in a portion of your deck area. The contoured aluminum light packs are designed to seamlessly integrate with our aluminum beams and match either our white or bronze colors.

More energy-efficient than incandescent lighting and much more attractive than fluorescent lighting, LEDs are the perfect solution for your pool or lanai enclosure. They’re specifically designed for longevity, which means little to no maintenance or replacement costs.

You can achieve a full spectrum of colors of your choosing including three shades of white. Create a personalized space to welcome holidays or sporting events throughout the year, subtle tones to match your mood or a full on dance party! The choice is yours.

You control this patent pending system with a hand held wireless remote or with a free iPhone or Android app. What could be more simple or convenient?

Learn More

Let one of our pool and lanai cage lighting consultants tell you more about CRA’s new Shadow Caster LED outdoor lighting system designed for your specific enclosure. The right lighting can and will transform your outdoor living space with the push of a button.

Your Sarasota Pool Cage Lighting Experts

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