Many people have homeowner’s insurance. This is useful for events such as hurricanes, fires, falling trees, and other incidents that can damage your home. However, it’s often unclear whether a pool enclosure is considered a part of the home and included in the policy. Since insurance policies can be tricky and difficult to read, here’s the information that explains pool enclosure coverage and if your insurance covers it.

Standard Insurance

Standard homeowner’s insurance covers your home, but it’s often unclear if your pool enclosure is considered a part of the home. In most cases, the pool enclosure is not considered a part of the home and is not covered under standard homeowner’s insurance. However, it’s important to check with your insurance provider, since this can vary depending on the company.

Additional Insurance

If you want to insure your pool enclosure, you can purchase an add-on for pool enclosure coverage. Sometimes, a pool enclosure is covered under hurricane policies, so make sure your enclosure isn’t covered under any other policy before you purchase it. Keep in mind that most insurance providers cover only the structure itself and not the entire enclosure.

Location and Insurance Provider

If you have a pool cage in Sarasota, FL, the insurance coverages may differ from those in other locations. Insurance varies greatly depending on the state and specific location, so you’ll need to look at policies that are relevant for your area. In addition, different insurance providers offer different policies, so you’ll need to look at the policies provided by your specific insurance company.

Types of Enclosures

Another factor that affects your insurance is the type of enclosure. Large, sophisticated enclosures will likely have higher insurance prices than smaller pool enclosures. Once again, remember to relay these details to your insurance provider to receive accurate quotes and to ensure they cover it.

Now you know all about pool enclosure insurance and if your insurance covers it. To build a pool enclosure for your own home, remember to check out our enclosure services here at CRA.

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