Pet Screen: Why It’s Worth the Investment

Pet Screen: Why It's Worth the Investment

Imagine installing new screens in your home and how good that feels. Shortly after, you end up paying to have them repaired and replaced due to a mishap with a dog or cat. This can be incredibly frustrating. Screens can be fragile in the wrong hands, or paws, for that matter. Choosing pet screens for your doors and lower windows will save time, money, and frustration in the long run. Pet screens are not only more durable, but the material used provides great ventilation, doesn’t infringe on visibility, and keeps the things you want inside the house in and the things you want outside the house out.

Keeping Pets Safe

Though regular screens allow for ventilation, they can be easily damaged. Cats and dogs tend to put more wear and tear on your house than would otherwise exist. Some of the most common issues with regular screen material is that pets climb and claw at screens while trying to get in or out. They can even run through the screen! Once a pet has broken through the screen, they are free to roam outside. This can be very dangerous if you live in an area where you typically do not let your pets wander freely. Pet screens are worth the investment because you can’t put a price on your pet’s safety and your peace of mind.

Keeping Pests Out

Let’s face it—insects are crafty. One tiny hole in a screen is an invitation for them to enter what you thought was a securely defended home. Suddenly the screens you’ve invested in aren’t doing the one thing you really need them to do—keeping those bugs out!

The Difference

Pet screen installation allows you to keep your home protected from small insects, yet they are durable enough to be scratch, tear, and puncture-resistant to pets’ property damaging behaviors. This screen permits you, the consumer, to worry less about protecting the screen and the inside of your home. No more trying to figure out how to reinforce your current screens. These screens still allow for ventilation and clear visibility. Additionally, by installing a pet screen, you’re making an investment in your home.

Now that you have read about why pet screens are worth installing, turn to CRAluminum for lanai screen repair in Venice, Florida, to have your pet screen installed as soon as possible. You won’t want to spend any more time agonizing over the safety of your pets, the appearance of your screens, and your home’s protection against pests. Once installed, you’ll fully understand the usefulness of the pet screen and why it’s worth the investment. You will never want to go back to ordinary screen options for your doors and low-level windows.

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