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Tom Teffenhart

Tom Teffenhart
President and CEO

Tom Teffenhart is a visionary entrepreneur who has a passion for all types of building. His enthusiasm has changed the aluminum construction industry on several vectors.

As a young mechanical draftsman, Tom learned the importance of precision engineering in the structural design and construction of architectural projects. He has carried that knowledge through his career.

In 1983 he followed his passion into the construction industry, where he had the opportunity to build residential and commercial projects from the ground up.

Tom used his expertise to start an aluminum construction company during a time when pool cage blueprints were still being designed with chalk on driveways. He used his architectural expertise to create and implement engineering calculations. This not only ensured the structural integrity of his cages, but it also allowed him to be one of the few who could customize pool cage designs.

His business grew very quickly, and in 1992 he brought in Perry Hickok as his partner to form CRA.

More recently, Tom designed and patented the ChannelLock Self-Mating beam, which is revolutionizing the aluminum industry. Exclusively available to CRA customers, it is stronger and spans a further distance than standard beams.

Tom is certified in the state of Florida as a General Contracto, and holds a special Aluminum Structure license. Tom is married, a proud father of 5, and enjoys family time, fishing, boating, diving and golfing.

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