How To Protect Your Pool Enclosure From Extreme Weather

How To Protect Your Pool Enclosure From Extreme Weather

If you reside in a place prone to extreme weather like Florida, it helps to install a pool enclosure to keep leaves and dirt from your pool. An enclosure also prevents falling trees and other heavy debris from entering and damaging your pool tiles. However, your pool enclosure also needs protection from hurricanes and other harsh conditions. Learn how to protect your pool enclosure from extreme weather with the tips below.

Don’t Drain Your Pool

If the storm is already in action, you shouldn’t drain your pool. Draining creates hydrostatic pressure that can cause damage, especially if water already saturates the ground surrounding the pool. The resulting force can damage the pool and enclosure.

Power Off the Equipment

To avoid electrical hazards, you should power off all electrical equipment, including pumps, lighting, heaters, and chlorinators. In electrical surges, which are common during storms, your equipment will remain safe.

Create an Airflow Path

One of the best tips to protect your pool enclosure from extreme weather is to create an airflow path. You can create a path to direct airflow through your enclosure by removing or opening any two opposite sides. An airflow path is important for reducing the pressure that hurricane winds can exert on the enclosure.

Choose the Right Pool Enclosure Material

If you don’t have an enclosure yet or your existing enclosure can’t withstand the coming storm, you may need to build another one. If that’s the case, you need the right materials to make a pool enclosure capable of withstanding Florida’s hurricanes. Aluminum is famous for its unmatched strength and lightweight nature. Aluminum will also last for decades, if not centuries. Furthermore, installing an aluminum enclosure adds aesthetical appeal. Besides keeping debris and critters out, the enclosure adds style to your home long after the storm dissipates. Consider using aluminum lanai enclosures in Florida over other weaker materials.

Use Pool Enclosure Experts

You can feel tempted to build a DIY pool enclosure for your home. However, such an enclosure won’t survive extreme weather. What’s more, every home is different, so you need a high level of engineering knowledge and skill. Pool enclosure experts know the perfect decking material, roof lines, and other factors for maximum strength. Unless you’re a Florida pool enclosure expert yourself, your chances of building a pool enclosure capable of withstanding 160 mph winds are slim. Also, your project must follow the Florida Building Code. So call Commercial Residential Aluminum to get a sturdy pool enclosure that you know will last.

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