How to Prepare Your Pool for a Hurricane

How to Prepare Your Pool for a Hurricane

With the start of hurricane season quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about ways to protect your home. Hurricanes are powerful storms that can cause extreme damage to homes. One of the features your home may have that will need preparation for hurricane season is your pool. A hurricane can significantly damage your pool and even contaminate it. At the first sign of an impending hurricane, take the steps in this guide on how to prepare your pool for a hurricane.

Turn off the power and protect electrical equipment

At the first mention of a potential hurricane in your area, prepare to protect your pool’s electrical equipment. Turn off the power to all pool equipment at the main electrical panel. This can prevent accidental electrocution or electrical fires. Wrap items such as pool pumps and electric heaters with waterproof plastic and tie them securely to prevent them from getting wet or extremely damaged in the storm.

Store loose items

Store any loose pool items to ensure they don’t fly through the air. All pool toys can become dangerous when picked up by high winds. If possible, try to fit all your poolside furniture and patio furniture inside your home to protect them from the storm and keep them from flying at high speeds and causing damage or injury. Don’t put furniture or other items inside the pool; these can contaminate the water and damage the objects.

Keep the pool full and uncovered

Many people have the urge to drain their aboveground pools when a hurricane is approaching, but don’t empty your pool. Pools are designed to drain excess water, and the water in an aboveground pool keeps it in the ground. Strong winds can pick up empty pools. It’s also easier to clean a full pool after a hurricane than to refill an empty one. If possible, avoid covering the pool to avoid damage from falling debris and branches from trees. Removing a cover weighed down by debris can be difficult.

Allow venting in your enclosure

If you have a pool enclosure, try to allow the winds to vent through it by removing the screen panels on opposite sides. This will allow the wind to pass through without threatening to damage the enclosure. If your lanai enclosure or pool cage sustain damage after a hurricane, contact CRA for pool cage and lanai screen repair in Venice, Florida, and the surrounding areas.

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