After you’ve decided to move forward with painting your pool enclosure, you’ll want to consider the most efficient and tidy ways to execute this task. Understanding the best practices for a thorough and visually appealing finished product is key. Knowing how to paint aluminum screen enclosures like a pro will be very beneficial in the execution of this task.


When prepping the area, you will want to use plastic sheeting to cover the pool and equipment. You will also need to tape around the enclosure to ensure the patio is covered. You will need to move or cover any rocks, yard debris, or decorations that are hindering you from meeting the bottom of the enclosure. Then, you can acquire equipment and prepare to paint.


The process of painting an aluminum surface isn’t going to differ greatly from painting other surface materials. However, you’ll want to ensure that you sand away any rough spots ahead of time and wash your aluminum. You can do this with powdered soap and water.

When the area is dry, you can determine if you’ll need to use an aluminum-compatible paint primer, which is often recommended if you’re using a lighter paint color. Exterior acrylic latex paint is a good option for aluminum, as it offers flexibility after drying. However, enamel paint is better suited for areas with fluctuating weather conditions, and it offers durability in outdoor temperatures.


The easiest way to paint aluminum screen enclosures like a pro is to use a paint sprayer. Remove the screens before beginning. At this point, you should have already taped off and covered the areas that won’t be painted. Be aware of the pressure setting on the sprayer to ensure you coat everything evenly while limiting overspray. Typically, one coat should be enough to cover the entire enclosure.


The process of painting your enclosure will vary depending on its age. If the enclosure has a bit of wear on it from the elements, you may need to do more sanding and surface mending prior to painting. You may find a degreaser useful in eliminating dust buildup. Be sure to inspect the entire area before you begin. For specific questions about aluminum patio enclosures in Florida, consult the professionals at CRA to answer your questions and help you make decisions.

With the right preparation, tools, and procedures, painting a screen enclosure should be simple and rewarding. Account for wind direction on the day you paint, as well as humidity levels for drying purposes. However, with spray application, the new coat should dry quickly and evenly, giving your enclosure a new yet professional look.

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