How Long Does a Pool Enclosure Last?

How Long Does a Pool Enclosure Last?

When you live in Florida, a home pool is practically a necessity. If you have a gorgeous pool but are getting sick of fighting the bugs and dirt to enjoy it, a pool enclosure is something you may be considering. Pool enclosures help to keep your pool safe from debris, dirt, bugs, animals, and children. This makes your pool safer and more enjoyable for you and your family. If you’re thinking about investing in a pool enclosure, one burning question in your mind may be, “How long does a pool enclosure last?” Check out this guide to learn the answer.

It depends on what material it’s made of

The lifespans of different types of pool enclosures vary widely. If you install an enclosure composed of a thinner or less durable material or a metal that is susceptible to corrosion, you may only have it for five years. If you install a pool enclosure made of strong, corrosion-resistant aluminum, you may see it last up to 25 years. Be sure to do some research to find a high-quality pool enclosure that will last, such as a CRA enclosure.

The maintenance matters

The maintenance you put into your enclosure after installation matters. The proper maintenance will keep a high-quality pool enclosure healthy and sturdy for up to 25 years. When you need a screen repair, make sure to get it done in a timely manner. If there is damage due to a storm, have a professional evaluate your enclosure for visible and invisible structural damages. How you care for your enclosure is one of the most significant factors in how long a pool enclosure can last.

When you’re thinking about installing a pool enclosure over your existing pool, consider what material it is made out of, and get plenty of information on the expectations of its maintenance. Helping to keep it maintained, clean, and structurally intact can greatly contribute to its longevity. For all of your needs for high-quality and long-lasting pool enclosures and pool cages in Venice, FL, contact us at CRA, where we strive to fit you with the perfect pool enclosure.

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