Florida Product Approval

florida product approval seal

What is the Florida Product Approval Designation?

Florida Product Approval is set by the State of Florida for all construction trades. They are products that the State approves for use in all areas of Florida, including the Hurricane Zones. To assure that the products being used on your roof or home are approved for the State of Florida be sure your product carries the designation.

The designation given to materials certified by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. It means that ALL material is independently tested and certified by an independent testing facility, and validated annually by an independent third-party quality assurance entity for conformance to testing and specifications.

What does this designation mean to my screened enclosure?

To date, the CRA ChannelLock SMB is the only aluminum beam used in the construction of screened pool and patio enclosures to carry the Florida Product Approval seal. #FL19700. It ensures that your screened aluminum pool or patio enclosure is manufactured using the highest quality approved materials that are certified and tested to meet or exceed all current Florida Building Codes.

For more about the Florida Product Approval visit the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation at floridabuilding.org

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