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Many years ago, I made the decision to move to Florida, and when I first went house hunting I asked about the possibility of seeing a snake in the back yard.  The realtor seemed shocked that I asked such a question, and replied, “This is Florida you know.”

That was the beginning of my Florida “Reptiles and bugs” phobia.    I call it a phobia, some called it an obsession.   I couldn’t stop thinking about these critters that were so foreign to me, and apparently when interviewing for my Florida staff, I asked more critter than job qualification questions.

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When I moved into my house, my guard was down.  I was so excited!  I had a swimming pool for the first time in my life, and was reveling in that fact!  I was on the phone with a friend up north, rubbing in the fact that I was sitting by the pool and was 30 degrees warmer than her, when out of the corner of my eye I saw something.  I continued talking, and about 15 seconds later my mind processed the fact that I was sitting approximately 6 inches away from a real live snake!  It was small.  My scream was not.  My new neighbors came running.  They left laughing.  This snake was very small and non-venomous.  I DID NOT CARE!

I needed a pool cage and I needed one right that minute!  Being from up north, I did not understand the virtues of a cage, but I learned quickly, and boy do I love my cage!

Not only has it kept out the MOSQUITOES AND WASPS AND FLIES, OH MY, but it has become my favorite “room” in the house.

I have exchanged my “critter” phobia for awe and respect of the amazing wildlife we have the opportunity to experience here in Florida; HOWEVER, I receive a great deal of peace of mind “experiencing” them with my pool cage between us.

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