Do I Need a Permit To Build a Pool Enclosure?

Do I Need a Permit To Build a Pool Enclosure?

Certain states require homeowners to obtain a permit before building a pool enclosure. Permits and their requirements vary by state and county, so it’s best to contact a professional with any questions. A professional who installs screen enclosures for commercial or residential buildings will know which ones you need for your home and area. So do you need a permit to build your pool enclosure? Read on to learn more.

Is a Permit Required?

Before building a pool enclosure in Florida, you need to obtain a permit. Usually, professional businesses and contractors will either get one for you or help you with the process. In Florida, the requirements will vary depending on your county and location, so it’s best to work with professionals to construct your new screen enclosure legally. So you need a permit to build your pool enclosure if you live in Florida.

Acceptable Sizes and Designs

While Florida pool screen enclosures are normally one story high, they can be two stories high in certain areas. Your pool enclosure can cover only your pool, or it can include the lounging area around it, depending on your preferences. For designs, there are many beautiful pool screen models for you to choose from. Many homeowners prefer to match the style of their pool screens with the style of their homes.

Acceptable Materials

While there are a variety of acceptable materials for your pool screen, one of the most popular ones is aluminum. Aluminum is strong, lightweight, and durable, making it an excellent choice for your new pool enclosure. Unlike wood or other flimsy materials, aluminum doesn’t require excessive maintenance and is easy to clean.

Is a Pool Enclosure Worth It?

Even though obtaining a permit for your pool screen can take weeks, it’s well worth the wait! Your pool enclosure will protect you and your pool from insects, leaves, small animals, and watchful eyes. It can also keep your children and animals safe and away from the water. If you have any questions about permits, pool screens, or the benefits, call us at CRA today.

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