Bus Stop Shelters

High-quality Aluminum Structures

Whether you own a small business or any other commercial building, adding a bus stop shelter is a smart investment. Bus shelters are designed to offer people a place to sit or avoid the weather while they wait for their bus to arrive.

At CRA, our team has many years of experience in manufacturing bus stop shelters. Our expertise allows us to produce aesthetically pleasing and functional pieces to complement your commercial property.

aluminum bus shelters from cra

Bus Stop Shelters Offer Protection

The main purpose of providing a bus stop shelter is to keep your guests, clients, patients and more out of the elements. Here in Florida, we experience a large amount of rain and thunderstorms throughout the year. Our sturdy structures will keep everyone dry and out of the elements while they wait for their bus to arrive. Our shelters designed to withstand powerful winds and rains, keeping your patrons protected.


While the main purpose of a bus shelter is to keep people from having to stand in bad weather, they also offer aesthetic benefits. At CRA, we offer a variety of tasteful bus shelter models to choose from. These include various designs, colorways and more. Looking to extend the specific feel or your commercial property outside? We offer fully customizable projects so you can achieve the exact look you want.


Ridgeview aluminum commercial bus shelter

In-House Engineering

Having our very own in-house engineer is what makes us the premier bus shelter manufacturer in the region. Not only do our projects have a shorter lead time, but we have great control of quality assurance. Choosing CRA ensures that you will have a well-built and durable bus shelter with your commercial property.

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