CRA designs and manufactures commercial carports structures for various businesses and properties around Florida’s Gulf Coast. We build our commercial carports using the highest quality materials out there to meet all your needs. We provide you with many options to choose from that offer long-lasting protection and durability and provide the ultimate covered parking solutions.





Carports Offer Protection



Our commercial covered parking structures can withstand the harshest environments out there while delivering a flexible parking option that will meet (and exceed) all of your expectations. We design top-quality structures that will keep your vehicles and other materials safe and protected. They’re ideal for restaurants, office buildings, multi-family housings, and any commercial outdoor storage spaces. No matter your needs, the experts at CRA can help you choose the perfect carport structure for your commercial area. We offer a range of sizes and styles to suit your unique architectural needs.



Aluminum Commercial Carports



Aluminum commercial carports offer a range of benefits for your property, making them a valuable investment. These structures are a must-have addition that protects vehicles from sun exposure, rain, and other outside elements. Florida’s unpredictable weather has prompted many outdoor commercial properties to seek reliable and simple covered parking solutions. Our professionals work closely with our clients to understand their needs and provide a customized, efficient solution that will increase your property’s value in the long run. Our durable carport structures give you a cost-effective way to extend your space while achieving your desired look. Perfect for a wide variety of commercial applications—along with protection—carports also offer the ultimate storage solutions for most businesses out there.





Let the experienced professionals at CRA design the perfect outdoor parking structure that you’ll love. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial carports and for a quote!


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