When you spot a hole in your pool screen, the idea of putting off repairs can be very tempting. You might think it’s not that bad and leave it as it is for a little while. But you’ll ultimately regret that decision and wish you had acted quicker. Here are three benefits to staying on top of pool screen repairs.

Benefit #1: You’ll Prevent Future Issues

One benefit to acting fast when you spot pool screen damage is that you’ll prevent future issues. For example, tears in your pool screen can worsen and let unwanted animals and insects in. This makes the experience of using your pool less enjoyable. The tears can also hurt your pool area’s aesthetics and make the wrong impression on your guests.

But if you address a single tear with a patch or multiple holes with a pool screen replacement, you’ll get ahead of the problem and stop issues from exacerbating. You’ll prevent pests from invading, improve the appearance of the screen, and be able to get back to enjoying your time in the water without worry.

Benefit #2: You’ll Keep Your Family Healthy

Another benefit to staying on top of pool screen repairs is that it’ll help ensure your family stays healthy. If you allow mold and mildew to grow on the screens, exposure to the spores can cause the people you love to experience allergy symptoms, respiratory problems, and other issues. But if you take the time to remove them from your enclosure, you’ll lower their health risks.

Benefit #3: You’ll Increase Your Home’s Value

If you ever decide to sell your home, staying proactive with your pool screen repairs will enable you to complete a sale. Buyers often view pool screen enclosures as a bonus that increases the home’s value. If you maintain your screens well, you have a better chance of making a good impression on a buyer. If you have any questions about pool screen repair, reach out to the professionals at CRA today.

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