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See just what your missing...

See what a difference a Clear View can make

A picture paints a thousand words!  Take advantage of the paradise that is ours here in Florida with an unobstructed view through your Screened Enclosure.

Clear View pool screens are designed to be almost invisible! You will absolutely notice that your screened patio, porch or pool enclosure will be visibly brighter and allow you to see more of the Florida scenery that you enjoy.

Like every pool cage or enclosure we install, will meet all Florida hurricane standards. Time to repair or replace your existing screens? We can retrofit your existing cage, porch, or patio with Clear View screens. Be careful though– with screens so bright, you may forget they are there.

How Clear View works

The magic behind a Clear View enclosure is rather simple. Supports on a standard pool cage typically span 7’ as required by code for necessary strength. All these vertical supports can have the tendency to obstruct an otherwise “million dollar view”.

ClearView walls from Commercial Residential Aluminum (CRA) are built with the latest structurally advanced extruded aluminum available today now using our patented beam technology. Because the beams are larger and stronger, they are able to span the largest widths of any builder, leaving you… a Clear View.

You may incorporate your ClearView walls on all sides or just on the sides of your pool or patio enclosure where you need them most. Many of our clients elect to use ClearView on just one wall and others several depending on your lot configuration.

See what a difference a ClearView can make . Call one of our consultants today to discuss your best options. As with our standard pool and patio enclosures, we handle all necessary engineering and permitting requirements as specified by the Florida county you live in. We then build your new custom enclosure at our production facility prior to installation where we work in a controlled environment to pay maximum attention to every detail. This also greatly expedites the installation process offering the minimum impact to you and your property.

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You’re covered

Our team of consultants, engineers, builders and service technicians serve homeowners of the Gulf Coast of Florida from Greater Tampa all the way to Naples from our facilities in both Venice and Ft. Myers.

See what you are missing

Commercial Residential Aluminum designs, builds and repairs pool, patio and lanai enclosures, including our ClearView enclosures in Sarasota and throughout Florida’s Gulf Coast from Tampa to Naples. We also re-screen and repair existing pool and patio enclosures using premium Phifer screen made in the USA. Call the professionals at CRA today for all your Sarasota pool and patio enclosure needs.

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